Birdtail Sioux Fire Department

The Birdtail Sioux Fire Department provides volunteer fire prevention, suppression and rescue services to the residents of Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation. 

Members are trained Firefighters, all certified in First Aid, CPR, and HAZMAT.

Sterling Hotain, Fire Chief
(431) 235-3185

Patrick Benn, Deputy Fire Chief
(431) 270-0005

Benny Branth, Captain
(431) 270-0123

Dennis Bear Jr., Fire Fighter

Norman Bunn, Fire Fighter
(204) 568-4460

Carlos Branth, Fire Fighter
(204) 568-4777

Shane Hotain, Fire Fighter

Manitoba First Nations Police (MFNP)

The Manitoba First Nations Police (MFNP) detachment located in the community carries out their mission to serve and protect the residents of Birdtail Sioux by upholding the highest standards of professionalism, while honouring Dakota customs and traditions.

MFNPS on Reserve: (204) 568-4539

MFNPS Dispatch: 811 or (204) 568-4621

Ambulance: 911 or (204) 568-4441