Dakoṭa Wicọḣ’aŋ
(WEE-CHO-HA) The Dakota Way of Life
Dakoṭa Wicọḣ’aŋ
(WEE-CHO-HA) The Dakota Way of Life
Dakoṭa Wicọḣ’aŋ
The Dakota Way of Life

Contact Electoral Officer before Mail-in Ballot deadline April 22, 2021.

Proof of Date of Birth or Band Number and Mailing Address required.
April 22 is the final date that Mail-in Ballot packages can be provided.


You may vote by mail-in ballot by submitting a Request for Mail-in Ballot form.
This can be obtained by contacting Joyce Mazur, Text/phone: 204 297 9977, Email: jmazur@mymts.net
or mail in request to: PO Box 23050, McGillivray PO

Council and I work together to protect and safeguard our community members and their rights, our lands and waters, and improve quality of life by creating social and economic opportunities. In all decisions, we work to advance Birdtail Sioux community members and Nation as a whole.

Chief Ken Chalmers, Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation

News & Events

Keep informed about what’s new and upcoming in the community.

Chan Kagha Otina – Dakota Nation

Our Community

We’re committed to creating a healthy, strong and vibrant community through programs and services that promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and preserve, revitalize and transmit Dakota lifeways to future generations.