Chief and Council

Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation Chief & Council’s mandate is to set strategic direction and make decisions that are in the best interest of their community members, while following good governance and financial practices to ensure the sustainability of the Birdtail Sioux Community.

Chief and Council carry-out five key governance responsibilities:

  • Overseeing strategic management
  • Hiring and directing the Band Manager
  • Maintaining good relations with the members
  • Protecting community rights & assets
  • Fulfilling fiduciary and legal responsibilities

The elected leadership consists of 1 Chief and 4 Councillors who are elected every four years by ballot vote.

Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation 2017-2021 Chief & Council

Ken Chalmers, Chief
(204) 303-0148
[email protected]
Portfolio: Chief is a member of all Portfolio Assignments

Carson Benn, Councillor
(204) 303-0206
[email protected]
Portfolio: Housing

Chris Benn, Councillor
(204) 303-0151
[email protected]
Portfolio: Social

Lindsay Bunn, Councillor
(204) 303-0212
[email protected]
Portfolio: Health & Education

Doug Hanska, Councillor
(204) 303-0201
[email protected]
Portfolio: DOCFS

You may also reach Chief and Council by calling (204) 568-4540, ext. 1.